Europe 2011

Millau: 21-22 May

Travelling from Sablet to Millau, we had plenty of time and so went along a scenic route, first along the Corniche des Cévennes and then down the Gorges du Tarn.

  The Corniche des Cévennes was rather a disappointment: the scenery was rather less spectacular than we had expected from descriptions, and hard to capture on camera. But the roads were interesting, as you can see. †
  However, the Gorges du Tarn were as spectacular as we remembered them. *
  The road along the gorge is also interesting. *
  A side road going over the river. *
  And an old water mill by the river. *
  You can see how the buildings relate to the landscape. This is a natural rock formation ... *
  and this is a stone lauze roof. *
We discovered the Knights Templar town of La Cavalerie and the Knights Hospitaller town of La Couvertoirade, up on the lonely plateau south of Millau. These fell into ruin, but in recent years have been almost wholly restored. La Cavalerie seems to be housing, possibly for people associated with the nearby army base, while La Couvertoirade has cafés, art shops, and a bakery.
  The main square of La Cavalerie. †
  Another view of the main square, and church tower. *
  Interior of the church. *
  Street in La Couvertoirade. †
  A door with alternative dates of 1460 and 1753. *
  Village in the Canyon de la Dourbie, just east of Millau. †
But the main reason for visiting this area again was to revisit the amazing Viaduc de Millau, carrying the A75 autoroute over the valley of the River Tarn. Higher than the Eiffel Tower, it manages to look massive and light at the same time. So here are some of the photos we took.
  View from our hotel's garden. *
  From the lookout on the northern side of the bridge. The area seen between the first and second pylons is the visitor centre operated by the bridge's owners. †
  A general view of the Tarn Valley and the Viaduct. †
  Approaching the Viaduct along the A75 autoroute. *
  Going over the Viaduct. *

From Millau, we continued up the A75 for a short way, then headed west towards Conques.



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