Europe 2011

Nafplio: 1-2 May


Driving from Olympia to Nafplio, we went through some spectacular mountain scenery but there were not many places to stop and photos do not really give a sense of scale. This may give some idea. *


A bit further along the road, we encountered a flock of sheep. *

We had stayed at Nafplio some 9 years ago, and then found it quiet. This time we arrived on the last Sunday of Greek school holidays, and it seemed that all of Athens had decided that a Sunday at Nafplio would be a good idea. We had some difficulty finding our tiny hotel, tucked into an alleyway next to the Town Hall, but by then it was late afternoon and people were leaving, so it was not too difficult to find a parking spot.


Nafplio has a huge Venetian castle on the hill above, and a cute Venetian castle, the Bourtsi, set in its harbour. *


Because of all the visitors, there were vendors all over town selling tourist tatt. *


A boat on the harbour. *


The Bourtsi is floodlit at night. *


Our first night in town, there was a spectacular sunset. †




The Palamidi fortress above the town. *


Flowers growing on the dome of a mosque. *


Lynn felt like she was living in her Ancient History textbook. This pile of rocks on the edge of Nafplio is the ancient city of Tyrins. *


A bit further away to the north, these rocks around the top of a hill are ancient Argos. *


Still further north is Mycenae, entered through the Lion Gate. *


The walls near the entrance are made of huge rocks. I have no idea how the Mycenaens managed to move them. Nick gives a sense of scale. *


The view from inside Mycenae. It is not obvious in the photo, but there is a clear view to both Tyrins and Argos. *


Grave Circle A. *


Flowers growing between the rocks of the walls. †


The museum of Mycenae has this copy of a gold mask, known as the "Mask of Agamemnon". It is an artefact of great beauty, especially considering its age. *


Nearby is the "Treasury of Atreus", which is actually a beehive tomb of massive proportions. If you look carefully, you will see Nick to the left of the entrance. *


Inside the Treasury. How did prehistoric people manage to handle these enormous stones, like the lintel? *

We had to make an early start from Nafplio to get to Athens airport in time for our flight to Santorini.



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