Europe 2011

Olympia: 29-30 April


Shortly after leaving Delphi, we were driving along the northern shore of the Gulf of Corinth. *


We stopped for some refreshments above Nafpatkos, with its old Venetian fortifications. *


There is a new bridge across the Gulf of Corinth, looking rather like two of Sydney's Anzac Bridges joined together. *


The view going across the bridge. Lynn's memory card ran out as we were crossing but, with a toll of €12.90, we were not going to turn around and try again. *


The Ancient Olympia archaeological site was flat and easy to negotiate, but there was not much explanation. It was one place where a guide would probably have been useful. Here are some columns behind the flowers of a Judas tree. *


This arch went from the religious part of the site to the ancient athletics ground. *


The museum was rather more satisfying. Lynn liked the small objects, such as this tiny horse ... *


or this Gorgon shield. *


Nick preferred the larger statues. †



Another lion head! †


From Olympia, we went through some spectacular mountain scenery to get to Nafplio.



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