Europe 2011

Quiberon: 4-5 June

  Quiberon was the first of three seaside towns in Brittany where we were staying. It was different from the others in that it was a beach resort. This the beach at dusk, not long after we arrived. *
  In the sun the next afternoon. Note the sand sculptures at left. *
  On the eastern side of Quiberon is Port Haliguen ... *
  with a large marina attached to a working harbour. *
  Quiberon is out on a long, thin peninsula. The shoreline at Carnac, on the mainland, is low and marshy.
  The beach at Churchill Point. *
  There were many expensive boats in the harbour at La Trinité. *
  For us, the main reason for coming to this area was to see the extraordinary prehistoric stones of Carnac. There are dolmens ... *
  and enclosures ... †
  and menhirs ... †
  but the most amazing scenes are the alignments of standing stones, stretching for more than a kilometre. †

From Quiberon, we went on to the rather more savage scenery of Le Conquet.



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