Europe 2011

Rhodes: 6-9 May


From Santorini we travelled by overnight ferry to Rhodes, arriving at mid-morning. *


We took a taxi from the ferry port to the Marine Gate, one of the main entries to Rhodes Old Town. *


The courtyard inside the Camelot Hotel, where we stayed. *


The main street of Rhodes Old Town, Socrates Street, is packed with people most of the day. *


But, as in many places, if you get away from the main street, there is not a soul in sight. †






Signs said that this was an archeological investigation, but there was no activity. The background does not add to the allure of the area. †


We visited the Rhodes Archaeological Museum, in the old Hospital of the Knights, begun in 1440. This is Apollo. †


A tiny statue of a donkey. *


Another lion waterspout. †


And a lion of Venice. *


A memorial stone to a Kinght who died in 1493. †


Venus adjusting her hair. *


There were a number of stelae (funerary monuments), often with moving scenes of farewell. *


Detail of the sleeve on a young woman's stele. *



An archway within the Museum. *



After two days in Rhodes Old Town, we picked up a rental car and headed south to Lindos. This is Lindos beach. *


Lindos Acropolis dominates the town from above. *


Lindos has some grand mansions, known as Captains Houses. †


The belltower of the Byzantine church of Lindos and a nearby rooftop restaurant, taken from the rooftop restaurant where we were dining. *

From Lindos, we drove to the airport and took a flight to Athens.



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