Europe 2011

Sablet: 14-20 May

From Athens, we flew to Paris and caught a TGV train from the airport to Avignon, where we picked up a rental car and drove to Sablet. On previous holidays, we had spent a week at L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and another week at Uzès, but these are medium-sized towns. We decided that, this time, we would stay in a small village a bit more to the north of Provence.

  This map shows the location of Sablet, and of the places we visited during our week there. This page shows scenes in Sablet, and there are separate pages for Aigues-Mortes, Orange, Aix-en-Provence, Mount Ventoux, the markets, and going around the Dentelles. †
  Sablet seen from the surrounding countryside. *
  This was the view out over the Provençal countryside from our little apartment in the walls. †
  The views were perfect by day ... *
  or in the evening. †
  We had some spectacular sunsets. *
  And the views were further enhanced by the local produce. *
  The church is quite plain. *
  A tower near the church. *
  The church clock tower with bell. It rang each hour twice, in case you were not really listening the first time. *
  The streets of Sablet were not designed for motor vehicles. *
  This one is impossible for any wheeled transport. Near the shortest route from our apartment to the village centre. *
  The old washing basins, with fountain behind. *
  Close-up of the fountain. *
  The Place des Barrys (Square of the Walls) close to our apartment. *
  Some parts of Sablet seem to be held up by vegetation. *
  The walls were built long before the wires were installed. *
  Les Abilles restaurant on the edge of Sablet and very good. Tragically, we were the only people dining that night. *

Our first day in Sablet, we went quite a long way to the town of Aigues-Mortes.



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