Europe 2011

Santorini: 3-5 May

  Arriving at Santorini airport, we picked up a rental car (a Getz, like Nick drives at home) and headed off to our apartment in Oia. This was the view from our balcony. †
  There are blue domes on all the churches. †
  The church below our apartment. *
  Lynn in typical pose. †
  The harbour below Oia. †
  We did not go down to the harbour: there are many steps, and the road is difficult. †
  The view from Oia, looking towards Fira. †
  As in many parts of Greece, some buildings were in sad need of renovation. †
  We thought this tourist boat should have been flying the Jolly Roger. *
  Although the west coast of Santorini is all steep cliffs of the volcanic caldera, the east coast has quite gentle country facing the sea. *
  We enjoyed a visit to Kamari on the east coast, where the beaches and cafes were being set up for the start of the season. *
  There are nice cafes all along the waterfront. *
  There were fishing boats not far off the shore, with seagulls gathering for the offal. *
  We visited the tiny Byzantine church of Panagia Episkopi, which has ancient frescoes. Lynn loved this one of Jesus saving the doubting Peter, who looks fat and disgruntled. *
  More mundane was this garden centre selling shrines for the garden. *
  We went to near the southern tip of the island, where we could see the cruise ships coming in. †
  Two huge liners off Fira town, with the attendant bevy of tenders ferrying passengers to and from the land. The zig-zag up the cliff is the path (not road) that links Fira port to the town at the top. *
  Looking across the caldera from the south, its volcanic origin is obvious. †
  The volcanic ash is also very evident here, next to the road down to the modern ferry port. The road is steep, but of good quality as it is used by buses for the ferry passengers and by very big trucks carrying all the island's supplies. *

Leaving Santorini, we drove down that road late at night, to catch a ferry leaving for Rhodes at 1.30 am.



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