Four Continents 2012

Cadiz: 21-23 September

  Travelling by train from Madrid to Cadiz, we passed solar arrays ... *
  and windmills ... *
  and a salt works. *
  After checking in to our hotel, we had a look around and found this pleasant square ... *
  and the Cathedral ... †
  and this rather bleak stretch of southern shore line. *
  The next day, we took a local train to Jerez, where we were most impressed by the railway station. *
  After walking some distance on a rather hot morning, we had cool drinks at a café watching the fountains. †
  Then on to the Gonzales-Byass (Tio Pepe) sherry bodega. There were many many barrels of maturing sherry. *
  Some were signed by eminent visitors. *
  Two areas were set up for weddings later that day. *
  We finished in the tasting room, where we sampled four different sherries. *
  Not far away was Jerez Cathedral, with some interesting architecture. *
  There were iron seats like this all over Spain. †
  We has a late lunch in a square with this statue, then took a taxi back to the train station. †
  When we got back to Cadiz, we found that the Costa Fortuna was docked. The ship seemed to follow us around: we also saw in in Malaga and Lisbon. And in 2011 in Rhodes. *
  The next day we visited the excellent Cadiz Museum. This large statue greets visitors. *
  The ground floor has ancient artifacts from prehistory down to Roman times. *
  Amphorae recovered from a wreck. *
  "Don't mess with me: I'm the Emperor." †
  The next floor has paintings from the middle ages. *
  Later we walked along the waterfront to the old harbour and beach. †
  The sea wall is not really this much curved: it is an artifact of the panorama making program. †
  There were some sand sculptures on the beach. *
  We went into the Castillo de Santa Catalina at the western edge of the beach. *
  The beach seen from the Castillo. *
  Cadiz has long, straight, narrow streets. *
  And some lively night life. †

From Cadiz, it was back on a train to re-visit Sevilla.


  Copyright © 2012 by *Lynn Booth or †Nick Booth. Please contact us if you wish to use a photo.