Four Continents 2012

Malaga: 27-29 September

  Speed is an important selling point for trains in Europe. This was a secondary route, but look at the speed. †
  It was late afternoon by the time we had checked in. We went for a walk through the main square ... †
  then sat at a street cafe and had a drink and some tapas ... *
  then some more tapas in another cafe. *
  The next day, after the Carmen Thyssen Museum (no photos allowed), we visited the Cathedral. Very impressive. †
  Tomb of a bishop, who seems rather nonchalant. *
  The choir stalls were beautifully carved. †
  That night, we dined well at Il Gato. *
  The next day, we visited the Picasso Museum (no photos allowed), then walked past the Roman Theatre. *
  We walked to the beach at Playa de la Malagueta, but found it rather bleak and lacking in any attractive restaurants. †
  Then we back towards the harbour, and found a number of nice places. *
  View across the harbour to the town. *
  Early evening on Rua Marqués de Larios, one of the main shopping streets. *
  Sunrise with the moon showing over the inner suburbs of Malaga. *
  Our flight out of Malaga did not leave until late afternoon, so we had time in the morning to visit the Alcazar above the town. *
  There are good views of the town from the Alcazar. *
  A zoom lens clearly shows the incomplete tower and facade of the Cathedral. *
  The path through the Alcazar comes out above the Roman Theatre. *
  We walked back past the Cathedral ... *
  and sat in a square facing its side entrance ... *
  where Nick had this healthy lunch. *
  Flying from Malaga to Casablanca that afternoon, we passed over Gibraltar. *

Then we started our tour of Morocco.


  Copyright © 2012 by *Lynn Booth or †Nick Booth. Please contact us if you wish to use a photo.