Four Continents 2012

Santiago de Compostella: 14-16 September

  The drive from Salamanca to Santiago was mainly along motorways, going through tunnels ... *
  and past wind farms. *
  The streets of Santiago were crowded, with many of the visitors being pilgrims. †
  We had a look at the outside of the Cathedral ... †
  and then had an excellent meal at Occurto da Parra. *
  The gloriously rococo Church of San Francisco. Our hotel used to be the attached convent. †
  The Cathedral's bell tower. †
  The main altar in the Cathedral. †
  The huge censer in the Cathedral. *
  The mechanism that allows it to swing. *
  Statue of Moses, complete with horns. †
  The Cathedral cloister. *
  Disused bells in the cloister. *
  Current bells in the belfry. *
  Statue of a pilgrim outside the Cathedral. †
  The Pazo de Raxoi, built in the late 18th century and home to the Santiago City Council and the Regional Government of Galacia, and facing the Cathedral across an immense square. *
  But the surrounding streets are narrow. *
  Fountain in Praza de Feixóo. *
  Nearby, we happened upon a street procession. It was obviously religious, but none of the onlookers seemed to know the exact reason for it. *
  We visited the Monastery of St Martin Pinaro, which had a huge church with glorious decoration. *
  The monastery also had a room containing the original wooden choir stalls from the Cathedral. *
  Tourists are not usually allowed into the choir area, so it was nice to be able to get close to this exquisite work. *
  We could also visit the Pharmacy of the Monastery, full of jars of 18th-century remedies. *
  We visited the Pilgrims' Museum, which explained the pilgrimage and had relevant art works. †
  On the outskirts of Santiago, the Galacian Government has built a "City of Culture", with quite extraordinary architecture. *
  One of the buildings contains a library and official archives, with this artwork outside. *
  Another part was a museum, with one gallery having several interesting statues. †

We had dropped the car on arrival at Santiago and had a flight booked for the next journey. We were delayed by fog, but eventually reached Madrid.


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