Four Continents 2012

Selçuk: 28 August to 1 September

  Selçuk is a centre for the surrounding agricultural area, as illustrated by this row of tractors for sale outside a dealer's yard. *
  It was a quiet time for farmers, so the men gathered in the street cafés and played a Turkish version of dominoes. †
  The town centre has the remains of a Roman aqueduct running through it. †
  Any raised flat surface, including aqueduct piers, was topped with a storks' nest, but the storks had all left a day before we arrived. †
  The main square at night. †
  At the edge of town are the restored remains of the Basilica of St John. †
  This is said to be the tomb of St John. *
  Nearby is the Isa Bey Camii mosque, built in 1375. †
  The remains of the minaret. *
  Interior of the mosque. *
  And its courtyard. †
  The Temple of Artemis was once larger than the Parthenon in Athens. Today there is only one rather lonely reconstructed column. †
  Selçuk has an excellent museum displaying items found at Ephesus and other nearby ancient sites. †
  Eros and Anteros. †
  A medium-sized statue of Artemis. †
  The large and well-known (but not well-lit) statue of Artemis. †
  Turtles for sale in the town centre. †
  Tortoises in the wild in our hotel's garden. *

We made three day trips from Selçuk. The first was to Ephesus.


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