Europe 2014

Paris, 27 June to 6 July

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  Driving from Épernay to Paris, we made two short diversions near Château-Thierry to visit American war memorials. The first was a US Cemetery at the village of Belleau.
  The other is a memorial to American troops killed at the Aisne-Marne Salient and elsewhere in World War 1.
Coming in from the east, we entered Paris at Porte de Pantin and went straight down Avenue Jean Jaurès to Gare du Nord, where we dropped the rental car and took a taxi to our apartment in the Ninth.
  The next day, we had arranged a Paris Street Art walk, meeting near Parmentier Métro station in this rather damp square. There are photos of some of the art work here.
  Then back into the Métro to get home. *
  On Sunday, we took the Métro to Bastille to visit the market. It was damp, but we spent some time poking around. *
  In the afternoon to see Quai Branley to see the vertical garden facade. It was lush and green, but smaller than expected. *
  Then a quick glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in rotten weather before heading for home. *
  That evening, off for a return visit to Astier, a very traditional French bistro. *
  The cheese trolley for Madame ... *
  and dessert for Monsieur. *
  On Monday morning, we took the Métro to the suburb of St Denis, where the Basilica was the burial place of the kings and queens of France. There was beautiful stained glass and carved memorials. There are about a dozen photos here. *
  Then back to the apartment, on the way observing a home removal, Paris style. In many buildings, the stairs are too narrow and winding to take large furniture, so it goes up on a hoist and in through a window. *
  In the early evening, we wandered up the hill to Montmartre. *
  The flower shop on Rue des Abbesses had all kinds of roses. *
  We sat in a café and had a pre-dinner glass of wine before going home to cook dinner. *
  A café near our apartment. One of our sons lives in the Sydney suburb of Sans Souci. *
  On Tuesday, we went to the Rodin Museum. We had to queue for about 20 minutes to get in, but fortunately it was not raining. This is a detail from The Burghers of Calais. *
  Another Burgher. *
  The Thinker with the Eiffel Tower behind. *
  Detail from The Thinker. *

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