Lynn and Nick in Europe, 1997


  We called into Ely to see the magnificent cathedral.
  The lantern of Ely Cathedral from within: a marvel of medieval engineering.
  Castle Rising Castle seen through the ruins of its gatehouse.
  And the ruins of the gatehouse seen from inside the castle enclosure.
  Detail of the decorative arches on Castle Rising Castle.
  Doorway inside the castle.
  Castle Rising village seen from the castle's walls.
  Approaching the Humber Bridge along the A15.
  Crossing the Humber Bridge.
  The walls of York, on a rather damp afternoon.
  Tomb inside York Minster.
  Detail, National Railway Museum, York


Castle Howard, a bit outside York. It was used for filming the television series Brideshead Revisited.

From York, northwards again to Durham.


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