France and Italy 2004

Issoire, 3 July

  We stayed in the Château du Pasredon, in the countryside about 10 km outside the town of Issoire. Beautiful countryside, interesting villages, and excellent food. None of it in any of the guide books, and a pleasant absence of other tourists. The Château was almost an upmarket B&B. Madame was very elegant, very French and very helpful. The upstairs corner windows were our bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.
  The view of the Château's grounds.
  A short distance away was the hilltop village of Usson, perched on a volcanic plug. The streets were steep, with interesting street lights.
  Towards the top of the village was an old and interesting church, about 11th century.
  The "organ pipes" of the volcanic rock. Most of the village was built from this rock.
  The view from our room as night fell.

Then it was an uneventful run across pretty ordinary country to reach Amboise.


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