France 2008

Pauillac, 28 May

  Not far from Bourdeilles, we stopped to see the church in Monagrier. *
  There was a nearby lookout over the fields. *
  Poppies by the roadside. *
  We headed for Blaye, from where we took a ferry across the Gironde. *
  The loading of the ferry was not very orderly. Instead of the common design with a loading ramp at each end, loading was through the side of the ship. *
  Our departure was delayed because the port on the other side of the Gironde was blockaded by fishing boats protesting about the cost of fuel. Here is one of them. *
  The unloading ramp at Lamarque. *
  The Vauban fortress at Fort-Médoc. *
  The powder magazine at the fortress. *

From Pauillac, we made the short journey to St-Émilion.


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