France 2008

Spiez, 29 June to 1 July

  Travelling from Talloires to Spiez, we went through Chamonix and had good views of Mont Blanc and other Alps. *
  The river that runs through the middle of Chamonix. *
  Spiez is on Lake Thun, but we did not see much of the town. Our hotel was down by the lake, and we took day trips by boat. This was the view from the hotel. †
  In Switzerland, even the rubbish bins are set out in neat lines. †
  On the Monday, we took a boat northwards to Thun where the water of the lake flows through the town as the River Aare. *
  There was an attractive covered bridge ... *
  and a Swiss duck. *
  The castle at Spiez, seen from the boat when returning. *
  Sunset around 9.20 pm, looking over Spiez marina. †
  On the Tuesday, we went in the other direction to Interlaken. The town itself did not have much that we thought worth photographing, but the roads along the lake were interesting. *
  Travelling back from Interlaken to Spiez, we were able to use this old steam ship. *
  It was very civilized to sit in the saloon with a beer. *
  After a storm, there was another good sunset. *

The next day, we drove back into France, to Besançon.


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