France 2008

Vézelay, 4-5 July

  We stopped at the Sources de la Seine, a rather unimpressive services of muddy puddles in a small park maintained by the City of Paris. †
  Later, we stopped briefly to look at Semur-en-Auxois, where we had stayed in 2004. *
  The reason to visit Vézelay is the Basilica of Ste-Madeleine. *
  The tympanum over the main door of the Basilica. *
  Hinge on one of the doors. *
  Detail of the Devil trying to weight the Scales of Justice. *
  The Basilica had been restored in the 19th century by Viollet-le-Duc, who restored many churches but often without much regard for authenticity. *
  The usual Adam-and-Eve carving. *
  The east end of the Basilica. †
  The former bishop's residence. †
  A nice restaurant for lunch. *
  An old Citröen parked on the street. *
  An interesting laneway. †
  Just an ordinary French country town street. *
  A view of the village of St-Père seen from near the Basilica. Again, a very typical French scene. †

Then into the car to travel to Troyes.


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