Italy 2006

Monte Sant'Angelo, Puglia: 9-10 June

  Heading off from Matera, we stopped in Alberobello where there are still many circular houses built from stone without mortar, known as "Trulli".
  The trulli roofs often have symbols painted on them.
  A field of poppies near Alberobello.
  General view of Monte Sant'Angelo. Like many of the towns we visited, it is a hill town but, unlike some others, it has a very confusing street arrangement as the main street is U-shaped.
  Tympanum over door of church of Santa Maria Maggiore.
  Carved angel in the same church.
  Rock flowers growing on a church wall.
  Monte Sant'Angelo is where the Archangel Michael has appeared three times, so it attracts many pilgrims, mostly arriving in tour coaches.
During our day at Monte, we drove around the Gargano Peninsula, which has spectacular sea coast at its edges and protected National Park forest in the centre.
  Driving down quite steep roads from Monte Sant'Angelo to the coast, there were thousands of olive trees on endless terraces.
  This natural arch appears in all the tourist brochures.
  The lighthouse at Vieste, at the tip of the Gargano Peninsula.
  This strange apparatus is used to fish for mullet. Apparently mullet swim head to tail. This equipment trails a captive mullet across between the poles that stick out, in the hope that other mullet will follow it. If they do, they are caught in the net. Sounds like something from the Goon Show, but it works.
  A picnic spot in the Foresta di Umbra (Shadowy Forest) in the middle of the Gargano Peninsula.

Then we went on quite a long journey through mountains and national park to reach Scanno.

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