Italy 2006

Sorrento, Campania: 3-7 June

After arriving in Naples at 6 am, we took a taxi to the train station, where we had breakfast and left our luggage before going to the Archaeological Museum. When exhaustion set in, we went back to the railway station and caught a train to Sorrento.
  One of the mosaics from Pompeii in the Naples Archaeological Museum.
  Detail of the mosaic.
  Statues from Pompeii.

The map shows the places we visited from Sorrento. Click for a larger version.

We enjoyed Sorrento, even though much of the town centre was devoted to tourists. The first day of our stay, we relaxed and just walked around the town.

  The view from the "Foreigners' Club" on the cliff top at Sorrento.
  View across the Bay of Naples to Vesuvius.
  The Sorrento Lido.
  A quite good restaurant on the main square.
  The stream that flowed under the main square.
  Lemons growing near our room.
  A stall at the Sorrento market.
  An archway on the steep path down to the port.
  There were two cruise ships in the bay, with tenders running to and fro to get passengers to Sorrento.
The second day of our stay in Sorrento, we took the train to Pompeii to look at the Roman town.
  The Forum at Pompeii.
  Vesuvius again in the background.
  A copy of the Statue of a Faun in the Villa of the Faun. The original is in the Naples Museum.
  A fresco that, when Nick visited in 1962, was hidden behind locked shutters which were opened only when no women were around.
  The Amphitheatre at Pompeii.
  Typical road in Pompeii: it does not look very trafficable.
The third day, we took a bus tour around the Amalfi Coast. This was much more relaxing than driving ourselves, and Nick could look at the scenery.
  The town of Positano, clinging to the cliffs, impossibly photogenic - from a distance.
  A coastal watch tower near Praiano.
  Street in Amalfi.
  The Duomo in Amalfi.
  Inside the Duomo.
  The Duomo cloister.
  Then along some remarkable roads to reach Ravello.
  Street in Ravello.
  View from Ravello back down to the coast.
  By-way in Ravello, with cat.
The last day in Sorrento, we took a ferry to the Isle of Capri. There, we took a boat trip around the island.
  The big tourist drawcard of the boat trip is the "Blue Grotto": a cave which can be visited only by getting off the tour boat and into a small rowing boat. We decided not to do this but, as you can see, there were many takers.
  The men rowing the little boats think they are very handsome.
  A striking lighthouse ...
  and the rocks that it warns about.
  The cathedral in Capri town.
  Bougainvillea grows everywhere.
  There was a Club Med cruise ship visiting. Note Vesuvius in the background again.

The next day, we picked up our rental car and set off towards Matera.


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