Italy 2006

Urbino, Marche: 16-17 June

  Travelling from Norcia to Urbino, we stopped for a picnic lunch at the Abbey of San Fiastra.
  We also detoured to visit Loreto, which has the house of the Virgin Mary, miraculously transported there by angels around 1300. The Blessed House is in this church.
  Fountain in front of the church.
Urbino is another hill town, not changed much in centuries inside the walls, but home to a lively university, founded in 1506. Most of its major buildings date from the reign of Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino in the second half of the fifteenth century. It was a short, but very steep, walk from our hotel just inside the wall to the town centre.
  The Ducal Palace and the Duomo.
  The Palace seen from the town walls.
  Another view of the Palace.
  Marche countryside seen from the town walls.
  Interior of the Palace.
  Tympanum on Urbino's Duomo.
  A lovely wooden Madonna and Child statue in San Antonio church.
  The rather dilapidated church where three of the Dukes of Urbino are buried.
  Because of the university, the streets of Urbino are quite lively.
  The date plaque on one of the more recent buildings.
  Restaurant L'Angolo Divino, where we made the mistake of ordering a truffle dish without first asking the price.

Then we had a quite boring drive along the east coast to reach Venezia.


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