Italy 2006

Vezzano Ligure, Liguria: 22-25 June

Vezzano Ligure is a medium-sized village near La Spezia, straggling along a hill-top ridge. It had a very comfortable hotel, and made a good base for exploring the Cinque Terre and the north-west corner of Tuscany.
  We travelled along the autostrada from Parma, and Lynn snapped this tunnel entrance from the car. There are many tunnels in Italy, on ordinary roads as well as autostrade, but it's not easy to get photos.
  The centre of Vezzano village.
  The Bonsai Bar, where we went each evening for a pre-dinner beer.
  The view into the valley from the deck of the Bonsai Bar.
The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) are a series of five villages along the coast. They are impossibly picturesque, and therefore attract hordes of tourists, including ourselves. On two days, we drove to La Spezia and then caught the train to the villages. From west to east, the villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.
  The only village with a proper beach is Monterosso.
  The harbour at Vernazza, with the main square behind.
  The main square of Vernazza, with some pleasant restaurants.
  Boats at anchor in Vernazza.
  Vernazza waterfront.
  Corniglia on top of the cliffs. It is the only one of the five villages that does not have a harbour.
  Riomaggiore from the water.
  A retaining wall next to the station at Riomaggiore has this mural, which is a tribute to the countless people who, over centuries, have moved rocks by hand to make terraces on which crops can be grown.
During our other day in Vezzano Ligure, we explored part of the north-west corner of Tuscany.
  The town of Carrara has been a source of marble for more than 2000 years. The white area in the photo is not snow: it is where the side of a mountain has been quarried away.
  In the hills near Carrara is the town of Fosdinovo, on a hill-top ridge of course.
  Fosdinovo has a very impressive castle.

We then took an inland route to reach Volterra.


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