Around lunchtime, we turned off the N13 into Lisieux to get some food. There is a very impressive Town Hall ...
  ... with lovingly maintained gardens.
  A bit further along the N13 was a sign pointing to the Château de Crèvecœur. We had no idea what to expect ...
  ... but we found this lovely moated half-timbered mansion-cum-farm complex.
  We got a bit lost near Caen, and went along minor roads that were very much the "typical French road", lined with trees.
  And past bales of hay stacked in fields.
  At Arromanches-les-Bains, there are still the remains of the "Mulberry Harbour" built by the Allies shortly after D-Day and used to supply the invading troops.
  We stayed just outside Bayeux, at the Château de Sully. This is the entrance driveway.
  The Château itself is small, but perfectly formed. Our room was the one on the first floor with one window fully open.
  Our bedroom.
  The next morning we went into the city of Bayeux and spent some time wandering around its medieval centre.
  The crypt of Bayeux Cathedral.

While we were in Bayeux we did, of course, visit the Tapestry but pictures are not allowed there. We had lunch in Bayeux, and then set off south-west towards Mont-St-Michel.


Copyright © 2002 by Lynn or Nick Booth.