Leaving our hotel in Montmartre, we took a taxi to Montparnasse where we picked up a hire car. Nick's first experience in driving on the right-hand side of the road was to go from Montparnasse south by the shortest route to the Paris Périphérique (ring motorway), then halfway around the Périphérique to eventually get onto the N14. This was not fun.

  We detoured to look at Château Gaillard, built at a crossing over the Seine by the British to keep the French in check.
  The little town of Les Andelys, seen from Château Gaillard.
  The present Seine crossing below Château Gaillard.
  We then went on to our B&B in Giverny. This was the bedroom.
  It was a Monday afternoon, so Monet's House and Garden were closed, as was everything else in Giverny. We went into the nearby town of Vernon and found a supermarket where we bought ham, butter, cheese, and bread. We went back to the B&B and had a picnic in the garden.
  Next morning, we got to Monet's House and Garden as soon as they opened, trying to beat the crowds off tour coaches.
  Garden near the house.
  To get to the famous waterlily pond, you go under a main road in a dank pedestrian tunnel. But it is worthwhile.
  As you can see from the other visitors' umbrellas, it was a damp day.

Then we were off westwards towards the Normandy beaches and Bayeux.


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