Europe 2009

Bellagio, 6-7 August

We had spent half a day in Bellagio in 2002 while staying at Nesso, on the shores of Lake Como. Our time here this year was intended as a bit of relaxation by the lake.


Driving along the autostrada near Brescia, we saw this extraordinary construction. It appears to be a smoke-stack that has a mirrored surface so as to reflect the sky and be less of an eyesore. *


Then a bit later, we went along quieter roads along the shores of Lake Iseo. †



Bellagio was as beautiful as ever. This was our hotel. *


And the view from our balcony in the evening. Life is hard. *


Another view over Lake Como around dusk. †




Villa Carlotta on the western shore of the lake, seen from a ferry. *


A lakeside gazebo. *


View along the lake shore at Bellagio. *


Mountain coming down to the lake. *


The lakeside beach at Varenna, on the eastern shore of the lake. *


And a final view of Lake Como as we take the car ferry to go on to Bolzano.

On to Bolzano.


Copyright © 2009 by *Lynn Booth or †Nick Booth. Please contact us if you wish to use a photo.