Europe 2009

Innsbruck, 13-15 August


Perhaps the best-known symbol of Innsbruck, the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), about 100 metres from our hotel. *


Our hotel's sign against the sky. *


The river Inn as it flows through Innsbruck. †


Decoration on a building. †


Statues on the outside of the Cathedral. †



Interior, Cathedral of St Jakob. *


Cathedral altar. *


Cathedral organ. *


From the centre of Innsbruck, a combination of funicular and two cable cars takes you high above the city. *




The views were spectacular. *


Some people walked from the cable car terminus to the mountain summit. We were happy to watch them. †



Flowers in a crack in the rocks. †


The view back down to Innsbruck. †


Halfway down, between the two cable car sections, was a restaurant with a large flat area where people were assembling their hang-gliders. *


We also took a tram to the suburb of Wilton, where there was this magnificently understated church. *


Nearby was this churchyard, appropriately dominated by a ski-jump constructed for the Winter Olympics. *


Wilton also has one of the few remaining working bell foundries, which also has a very interesting museum about bells with this display of historic bells. *

Our next stop is Lindau, in Germany.


Copyright © 2009 by *Lynn or †Nick Booth