Europe 2011

Hong Kong: 11-13 April


It was very hazy during our time in Hong Kong, so the tall buildings on Hong Kong Island were hardly visible from the ferry terminal at Kowloon. †


However, the ferries kept running with their usual efficiency. †


Some of them were painted in bright colours. †


A cruise liner leaving port, with cloud and smog producing some interesting effects. *


Hong Kong is, of course, noted for its shopping centres. This is one on Hong Kong Island where we had lunch at a nice café but, like many of the shopping centres, there did not seem to be many customers at the high-priced shops selling luxury goods. †


Things were more lively in the markets. This is the flower market in Kowloon, near Tsim Sha Tsui. *


Lynn wishes she could grow orchids like this. *


We also went to the Ladies' Market at Mong Kok, which was very crowded and had stalls selling all kinds of goods. There were t-shirts ... *


and fans ... *


and peterheaters. *


We also visited Ngong Ping by taking the MTR to Tung Chung, waiting in queues for the best part of an hour, and then taking a cable car over rough country. *


The view out of the cable car as it climbs away from Tung Chung. †


At the top, there is one street with many tourists and shops selling tourist tatt. †


The main attraction is the Big Buddah. *


However, there are about 300 stairs to get up to the statue, so we decided to stay at the bottom. *


Also interesting, and much easier to get to, was the nearby temple. *










There was a row of warrior statues, each with a different animal on his head. *


The bridge to Lantau Island, seen from the bus on the way to the airport. *


Leaving Hong Kong, we had time to look at the excellent airport terminal building, with this interesting roof. *

We then flew with Swiss Air via Zurich to Istanbul.


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