Europe 2011

Portland: 24-30 June


Portland is divided by the Williamette River, and has many bridges. Some are high, like Freemont Bridge, ... *


some rotate, like Burnside Bridge, ... *


and some lift, like the Steel Bridge. *


We got used to the half-hour drive between our apartment and our son's house, particularly this stretch of Burnside Street with far too many traffic lights. *


Lynn liked the ever-present neon signs. *






The leaping deer is an icon of Portland. *


The gold-coloured Bancorp Tower catches the light, even in a lowering storm. *


In our apartment garden, a squirrel eats seed that has fallen from a bird feeder. *


One night we ate at Screen Door, not far from our apartment, which served Southern food. *


The place was packed and there was a great atmosphere. *


We ate in a number of casual eateries at which grandson Ryden did his best to absorb food by osmosis through the skin and showed his generally sunny side. Beets and apricots were good. †


As were some biscuits in a brewery restaurant. †


Ryden and his father. *


Just gorgeous! *


Except when things are not going to plan. *


For most of our week in Portland, it was grey with low clouds. On the day we left Portland, the weather lifted and we were able to go to Rocky Butte (where Cam and Christine married) and see Mount St Helens ... *


and Mount Hood. *


Ryden ignoring Christine, and being photographed by Cameron and Lynn. †


Ryden, Cam and Christine. *


I can fly! *


Coming into San Francisco from Portland, we went over the amazing (but seldom mentioned) salt pans in the harbour. *


San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. *


Then the long, long flight across the Pacific, arriving at Sydney just as dawn (and the airport curfew) lifted. *

The journey was over, but there are still some Odds & Ends to see.


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