Europe 2014

Cancale, 24-25 May


  Approaching Cancale, we detoured along the Brittany coast to view Le Mont-St-Michel. *
  We stopped next to a canal with a distant view. †
  People were walking and riding horses along the path by the canal. *
  We enjoyed our time in Cancale, which is a very pleasant seaside town, and a major source of oysters. †
  Like many places along north coast of France, it had a large tidal range. This is tide in. *
  And the same boats with tide out. *
  Tide in. *
  Tide out. *
  The town from the sea front. †
  And the view from one of the piers. Our hotel is on the corner below the memorial. There was free parking up by the memorial, but we decided we would prefer to pay the modest charges to park at sea level. *
  The next morning, there was a marathon run from Cancale to Mont-St-Michel, and the waterfront was very busy from early morning. *
  The runners streaming away out of town. *
  The oyster beds next to the town. *
  The tents used for selling oysters and other shell fish. *
  We went along the coast, heading for St Malo. †
  Despite severe damage in WW2, St Malo has been rebuilt, mostly as it was before 1944. The walls are impressive, even with modern clutter. *
  Statue on a street corner. †
  Offerings at one of the many seafood restaurants. *
  The bow of a sailing ship used for tourist trips. *
  Lynn's seafood selection at our hotel that evening. *

From Cancale, we went to the west coast of Brittany at Douarnenez.


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