Europe 2014

Vienna, 28-29 April


  Leaving Budapest, the Amabella went past riverside villages ... †
  hilltop castles ... †
  ferries ... †
  and fishing shacks. †
  After arriving in Vienna, we went on a walking tour of the city, starting at St Stephen's Cathedral. *
  Unfortunately our guide knew every fact about every building in central Vienna. It was very boring, and we did not take many pictures. †
  A memorial in thanks for deliverance from the plague. *
  Detail from the memorial *
  The Vienna Opera House. *
  Horses at the Lipizzaner stables. *
  Cakes on display in a shop. *
  Chandeliers on display in a shop. *
  After the end of the tour, we had Viennese hot chocolate at Café Mozart. *
  In the evening, we went to a highlight of the cruise: a concert at the City Palais Lichtenstein. *
  Nick leaning against a mantelpiece, trying to look as if he is used to this luxury. *
  The next day we went on a tour to see the Hapsburgs' Summer Palace at Schönbrunn. *
  Fountain in the Summer Palace grounds. *
  The "Gloriosa" facade in the Palace grounds. *
  Statue in the grounds. †
  There were large decorative hedges. *
  And we took a ride around the grounds in a horse-drawn carriage. *
  Returning to Vienna, we saw this image of a hare stuck onto a staircase to advertise an art exhibition. *

From Vienna, we moved on to Durnstein.


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