Europe 2014

Vitré, 22-23 May


  Leaving Bayeux, we visited Villedieu-les-Pôeles. where there is one of the few remaining bell foundries. This was a display bell, used to illustrate the difference between striking a bell with a hammer (as in a clock) and swinging the bell to ring it with an internal clapper (as in a church). †
  There were a number of old bells lying around, presumably to add atmosphere. †
  The main moulds for the bells are made from a traditional mixture of clay, goats' hair and cow dung. The decorations are applied using lost wax castings. *
  A brand new bell, tuned, polished, and ready to go. *
  We had a picnic lunch in Granville, at a rather grotty spot on the dock waterfront. It was only as we were leaving that we found a much nicer spot at the top of the cliffs. †
  We spent our day in Vitré just wandering around the town. This was Notre-Dame, a former Benedictine Abbey now used as the parish church. *
  The nave of Notre-Dame. The choir is actually at an angle to the nave, but this does not show up well in photos. *
  The choir. *
  Some attractive old houses in the town. *
  Porch houses used as shops. *
  A restaurant starting to think about opening up. *
  An old hotel, now used as a house. *
  The old city walls crop up in various places. *
  A highlight of the town is the château, dominating the scene from on top of the hill. *
  The castle wall seen from the entrance bridge across the moat. †
  Castle towers viewed from inside the courtyard. *
  Fireplace inside a tower. *
  View from the top of the tower. *
  Another view of the town from above. †
  The next morning we dropped into the Château of Madame Sevigny, famed for her letters to her daughter. †
  It was something of a disappointment. We could not see inside, and the grounds on one side are now part of a golf course. *
  The grounds were pretty, but uninspiring. *

Then we were off to Cancale, for Lynn's serious appointment with a number of oysters.


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