Europe 2014

Würzburg, 5 May


  We arrived in Würzburg early, to the sight of a church up on the hill. *
  And also the Marienberg Fortress, home to the Prince/Bishop of Würzburg before he decided on a city Residence (modelled on Versailles) as more convenient. *
  There was no organised excursion in the morning, so we went into the town and wandered around. This was part of a small market. *
  There were two large churches, both rebuilt after 1945 bombing left them in ruins. This was the Market Church. †
  The other was the Cathedral, or "Dom". †
  The interior was all white stucco with gold decoration. *
  The main altar. *
  We enjoyed some of the signs again. *
  There was some spare time, so we took a coffee break. *
  Then back to the ship over the bridge taking, as it turned out, the long way home. *
  In the afternoon, Lynn did a tour of the "Residenz": the former palace of the Prince Bishops of Würzburg, modelled on Versailles. *
  There was no photography allowed in the Residenz, but Lynn took some pictures in the garden. *
  Afterwards, there was a wine tasting in the official cellars of the city. *
  A fine glass of MullerThurgau. *

We left Würzburg that evening, heading for Miltenberg.


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