France and USA 2008

Giverny, 14 May

Arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 8 am, we had most of the day to fill before we could go to our B&B in Giverny, so we visited some nice towns on the way.

Gisors is a small and attractive town, just north of Paris.

A view over the rooftops to the cathedral.†

The castle on its mound, viewed from the park where we ate a picnic lunch.†

Lyons-la-Forêt is another attractive small town, where we had lunch.

It has an interesting square.†

And this lovely, private garden.*

We also stopped at the Abbaye de Fontaine-Guérard, in a secluded valley where a stream bubbled up out of the ground.

This is the remains of the church*.

Giverny is a small village that would be quite unremarkable, except that the painter Claude Monet decided to live there.

This is Monet's house.*

And the famous water-lily pond, with Japanese bridge draped in wisteria.*

Close-up of the wisteria.†

And there are other flowers in the garden.*

Our B&B was very comfortable, but some of the outbuildings could have used some attention! †

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*Copyright © 2008 Lynn Booth.  †Copyright © 2008 Nick Booth.