Outback 2011

Adelaide to Hawker

  It was a dull day as we started out from Adelaide, as shown in this early morning shot from our hotel window. Not a good start to the trip. †
  This is the Land Cruiser that took us 2500 km in five days. It was not as clean when we arrived back in Adelaide. †
  In the Clare Valley, we stopped at Seven Hills Winery ... *
  where they also had bikes for rent. *
  There were very pleasant grounds. †
  We made a brief stop in Melrose, to view a couple of unusual dwellings built onto old trucks. *
  The next stop was at Quorn, which used to be the starting point for the Ghan train line to Alice Springs. †
  The station is still in use, but only for the tourist Pichi Richi Railway to Port Augusta. †
  Ironwork on the station. *
  Quorn still manages to support four operating hotels, which is rather surprising. †
  And there is still an operating Post Office ... †
  and Town Hall. *
  The old lockup, now the Historical Society. †
  Quite late in the afternoon, we stopped at the remains of Kanyaka Homestead which was once one of the largest properties in South Australia. †
  There was an interesting late afternoon sky. *
  The surrounding country was beautiful, but very desolate. †
  Our motel in Hawker had this old cart parked at its entrance. †
  There were some interesting old shops. *
  And a nice park by the river at dusk. *

After an overnight stop, we moved onwards towards Marree.


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